Magic Mushrooms bad trip

A short story of my Magic Mushrooms bad trip

Not all experiences on Magic Mushrooms are funny and divine, sometimes you can enter the dark realms of hell and doom.
This was about 7 years ago, we had found a field where there were unusually huge caps on display, they were around 2 inches tall and purple at the top, if you squeezed them, they would go bright blue at the top, kind of like a big bell end or something.
Each one of them was about the equivalent of 10 normal mushrooms, we got around a shopping bag full with 200 or so, around 70 of which were the really big ones.

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We dried them out and were going to have them, but a friend came around to my flat and told he could do wondrous things with a secret home lab that he has never mentioned before, so we thought, fuck it, let’s see what we can do. At the very least, they would still be edible or drinkable, so we saw no loss from the experiment.
We entered the “death lab”, that was set up in the cellar of his home and it had Pyrexes Bunsen burners and tubes all over the place.
He distilled the mushrooms so that we could extract the pure psilocybin from the mushrooms, you could see small crystals “swimming” to each other and after a day, there was a clear liquid of 100% pure psilocybin roughly just over a liter.

There was five of us, one guy had a little thimble full, as he was going to pick his kids up from school in a short while and I was given a Thor’s Mug full and not wanting to be a bad sport, I partook in the ritual.
The other 3 guys had around the same amount as me and there was about a mug full left, that we saved until later.
Within FIVE MINUTES, the thimble full guy reported that he was worried about his task of getting the kids from school as he said and I quote “I am fucking off my box”, this was a THIMBLE full, we had all consumed a MUG full each, so if he was off his face with that, I was wondering what madness laid in store for me…
It came on strong, like a lighting storm and I needed to just get out of the house as the walls were bending and I was having difficulty pulling my feet from the floor, as it seemed as if my feet were melting into the carpet.
I managed to make it outside, somehow. I had to hold on to everyones’ gates and fences, walking sideways like a crab with my face against the garden fences, in broad daylight. I was worried that the cliffs that were getting closer from the kerbs were too risky to deal with in this state and I took my time to get back home.

I have no idea how long this took, but I got home and headed for the bedroom, I needed peace and quiet.
I was lying on the bed tripping my bollocks off, full blown by now, the ceiling was melting and everything.
Then just as I managed to relax, fearing I would lose my human dignity any minute if I tried to do anything remotely technical like using the TV, I heard it.
A huge sucking noise was noticeable, I have never felt doom like it, I can’t describe it here, it was awful. I just knew that this meant trouble.

I looked behind me and a huge black hole was appearing, I had a really hard time looking at it and I had to fight it, as I knew if I had gone into it, I would NEVER be coming out.
Fucking scary. It was like holding on to my sanity and consciousness like a kite.
I focused on my breathing and after what seemed like an eternity, managed to get it together.
Then a knock at the door, I carefully tip toed across the kitchen and checked to see what kind of life form was calling me, it was human, so I opened the door.
It was the other 4, they didn’t even know that i’d left, they had a similar experience, one of them turned into a “skin bubble”, that had hairs growing out of it and another had to wrestle with the wall paper, as they had become embroiled within it. The other guy kept sinking and was holding onto dear life and sanity to the tables and walls.

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The thimble full guy had an above average intense mushroom trip, melting pictures and “photo snap” tripping.
Something was out for us and we thought it best to stick together from now on.
We thought a venture to the fields was probably a good idea to clear the mind, so we set out carefully and talked to each other to keep contact with reality.
We came to a main road and my mates crossed, but I had a “last gasp” moment.
Apparently I was standing still for a minute before they noticed and yelled “Come On, what’s up?”
I didn’t want to cross the road and freaked out.

What had happened in that time was harrowing.
I had seen myself get run over and then I was standing outside my mothers home, a policeman was knocking on the door and he was telling my mother I was dead!
I kept yelling “I’m here! Mum!”, but they couldn’t hear me.
Then as I came back to “reality” (whatever that was), I refused to cross, as it was like a premonition.
My mates decided that this was probably best to ride out in the original flat we had the devils juice, so we headed back.
After about an hour, it eased off and I had a sigh of relief.
I didn’t have anymore, but the thimble guy and another guy who came later did and the new guy had a nervous breakdown!
Needless to say, non of those guys ever touched mushrooms again.
It didn’t put me off however, I still have truffles from time to time, but I will NEVER have manufactured stuff like that again.

~ John

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