A good experience after all

Destination: Home
Dosage: I split my shrooms which left, 3,65g dose each, Golden teacher strain
TEK: some fresh squiezed lemon with fresh water before, after 15 mins drank warm tea.
Trip report:

Hey guys this was the strangest trip I have ever encountered with and strangest you ever read, maybe. It all begins few weeks ago, when I decided to enjoy the shroom trip with one of my family members. I do not know why I had passion and feeling, to do that, but something in me was telling me to do for a long time. I really liked the idea to help that person, because she is sick. I read a lot of articles when mushrooms heal person or make the pain go away, even with diseases like fibromyalgia or other neural cause pain illness. Also I wanted to help that person with her throat chakra which was not functioning also due to the illness (thyroid illness hypothyroiditis) I had a strong hope and courage in myself that this is the right way and right thing to do, something tells me this will help her. This was her first time using shrooms.

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At one afternoon I asked that person If she want to try a tea which I was talking about and she was irrelevant at start but then she said, ok lets do this. I offered her cup water with squeezed lemon and meanwhile I prepared the tea from dried shrooms, I grinded them in cafe grinder into a powder and then splitted into half, we got 3,6 grams each, I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment but I thought it is quite low mediocre dosage. I made the tea we drank it after ten minutes, somebody opened the front door at our house, it was another family member which should away in work for today, but that person decided for no reason to come home. Fortunately he didn’t realized that we have trip come up right before his eyes. He looked at me one time in strange way, but I was like fuck it, he will not realize for sure. I came to bathroom then and look in my eyes and started to laugh they was like big balls so I knew the psilocybin started to have its effects, after that I checked her she got the same size of pupil like me. I was scared a little bit of that unexpected visitation but something in me was telling me : everything is as it should be, everything is allright. I came to my room and jumped to my bed , closed my eyes and I started to view those geometrical colorful visuals and have that feeling like my brain is moving, when I started to close up on those pattern my feelings in brain (third eye area) started to deepen and deepen more, It was something like flowing into deep sleep, after I move my head I shook it and it stops, but every time I let my eyes close the feeling started to build up again and it takes me to that dreamy feeling place, full of visuals. I realized immediately that I am not only person here which is tripping and went to have look at her, she looked exhausted, honestly like drunk person. I prepared a bed for her to lie down, It was only 6 p.m at that time so it was kinda strange for the visitor, he asked If we are going to sleep that early and she was like yes Im not feeling good she spent some time by lying down but then she gets up I was trying to keep her at the bed but she was angry about it and tell me to leave her alone and dont act as her father. So I was like ok, she told me about some feelings and patterns what she saws when she lied down, after that we came to my room and she told me, we should do this trip, I tried to tell her that it is right thing to do and she have nothing to worry about, then she was talking about her stomach and she felt she had to vomit. So she went to toilet, been there for about 15minutes and then she gets back telling me, what was that with curious exhausted look on her face. I was like what are you talking about and she started : we are poisoned aint we? I realized that she tripping scared about the circumstances. When I asked her why she thought this, She told me that she, had tripled vision of the toilet bowl. And I start to persuade her that we aint, poisoning and everything will be ok, when I assured her about that. Then she started to telling me you know after I vomited, I saw those colors, I never seen colors like that, Those colors was so sharp, so sharp and so clear. I realized that she had open eyes vision which never happened to me. Then she laid down on my bed talking about stopping the trip. And after few minutes It starts happening she told me that she had very pulsatile pain in her hands( thats where she had her rheumatoid arthrosis), the pain heightened and spread out from her hands to her arms and shoulders and I saw she was in incredible pain, I tried to convince her that it is only in her mind but after she begs me and telling me she would never lied to me about such a thing, I decided to find a way to stop the trip. I checked my laptop and guess what Im hitting the search button like mentally ill, tons of tabs opened in my browser, computer slow as fuck and then it happens, connection out, and that computer frooze, I restarted that damn thing asap but then the message of disc error showed up, I said fuck that and fortunately the old desktop was near me I switched the power on and computer fortunately goes on. I started to search all myco forums fast as I can, I realized that I cannot think rationally because she was beging me every second to help her, she was in extreme pain, she told me I never felt such a pain like this before I cannot hold it. I was really stressed because only thing I found was shroomery’s threads which suggest eating benzos or popular trip stoppers, Which I STRONGLY suggest to anyone with similar medical conditions, to buy from Avalon, these great guys have it and it really cost a penny : http://www.avalonmagicplants.com/magic-truffles/bad-trip-stopper.html
One guy on some unnamed mycology forum helped me a lot with the right medication as well. The vasoconstrictive effects which are the main cause inducing pain in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis can be stopped by taking the pill Niacin or half of viagra this is strictly for pain relief (sex is the last thing to think of when you are in deep pain). These vaso dilator do work.
Trust me guys Its really better to be prepared for things like this.

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Unfortunately in my situation I didn’t have any of these and she was telling me every second. Help me, help me, what you are doing? I was like Im trying to stop it give me a sec and she told me : but it takes you so long, ow my poor hands why they hurt so much, Please call the ambulance,I cannot stand it, I was really stressed out on max/ cannot think about anything, just one question flowed in my mind and that was : how can I help her? What can I do. She cried from the pain, I was something like connected to her feelings in that time I felt like she felt, and I felt really guilty for all what was happening, I tried to hold her gave her emotional support to be brave, hug her, she was angry, mad but I understood it was from really enormous pain she experiencing at that moment. When I finally found some solutions and suggestions milk/ honey (fortunately we got both at home) so I sprinted out to the kitchen like some rocket man on speed prepared those meds for her within second I really didn’t thought about the mess I was creating I was only concerned to help her at that moment. ( Honestly it is really hard for me to speak about this situation guys, such a tough experience when somebody who you really love asking for your help and you cannot do nothing, nothing is worse) I gave her meds, she was like what is that ? she loses her taste and it gets even worse after five minutes she told me that she cannot feel her hands, her voice started to goes down, to the whispering and she whispers, I do not live What If I die? I cant hold it, Im not lying to you please Im begging you help. My eyes was full of tear, I came to her second time Hold her, tell her I never gave her something that will harm her, I kissed her poor hands, hug her. She never stops asking me why it hurts so much I told her that her hands hold a lot of pain and the pain goes away thats why and then it all happens. She whispered that she cant breath, she was whispering so silently I only heard I cannot breath, my lungs are not working anymore. I was really fucked up emotional. I don’t know what it triggers but the strong courage starts to build it on me, I experienced something like received thought from divine source, something like synchronization with higher spirit. I had strong conviction, something in me said : I must do this and now, and it all started automatically, like some high spirit taught me and showing me the way. I started to spell the sentence : Go away evil spirits, go away from this body, go away from this women. And I started intuitively goes with my hands from root chakra during spelling the sentence : go away evil spirits,,, faster and faster. I do not know how to describes it but my hands was accumulating energy I felt the energy flows into my hands and when It reaches its maximum I started to form that energy with my hands and when I get that feeling to throw that ball of energy away I did it. I was at trance at some point, still repeating that sentence and moves up to the higher chakras. After some minutes she was not complaining, I never stopped with that procedure, I had that feeling in my heart that this is the best thing to do right now. I repeated the whole process about 3 times, it was really hard with my hands my hands felt like a magnet to some kind trapped bad energy. They accumulate it and then I form that energy and throw it of away. In one chakra that energy was so strong that it throws me away to the wall. But I never stopped, something in me guides me after repeating the whole proces the energy accumulates in my hands in lower and lower amounts. I realize that she is feeling better, I do not know if it was due to the honey and kefir milk or this procedure, but I didn’t though about it. I finally stopped when I did not felt any trapped energy in those chakras, she went to toilet for pee and I had a moment to catch my breath. I fell totally tired and exhausted, I tell her sorry for everything but I felt very deep feeling of gratitude. So I tell her : I know it was hardest thing you have ever experienced, but believe me it will bring something good in your life and I am thankful for this experience, thank you, now I know myself better. She only asked me about her work tomorrow, If she will be able to go there, I tell her she will be allright
I felt asleep immediately after she left. At the other day she was ok and my entire hands and arms felt tremendous soreness, like from lifting very very heavy thing, well I never felt like this after some workout and believe they wasn’t easy. But I never complaint I was really thankful for that experience in my deepest self and Im still to this day and I will never forget. After somedays I realize that she is doing better with her chakras, especially the throat chakra, she thinks more positively, she speaks what is on her mind and I personally think that it changes her live from the basics, and even when the trip causes unpleasant feelings to her. The long time effects are still positive. Im really thankful for that she is ok and doing better and for all the love and deepening the bond between us. The reason why she experienced such a pain in this experience was the vasoconstrictive effect of mushroom, she had clogged arteries so when the arteries constrict, the blood flow was cut down to her hands and thats cause the tremendous pain. Sometimes mushrooms shows you as a great teacher things you never look at or never look at in right way, sometimes they show you, look dummy you forget for all these years to heal these places which really needs serious attention in your body. I see that trip as priceless lesson, you know even worse things can happen when you ignore signals of your body for a years and never look at them as a serious issue that needs proper organic profound healing. As our great passed teacher T.Mckenna (may he rest in peace joyfully with his great laugh) once said, the good trips are valuable, they connect man with a nature and give him these feelings of oneness but the bad trips are even more valuable, even priceless, because they allow person to evolve and look to those places which he never will in normal state of mind, they give him lessons and opportunity to be a better person on every level which he needs to evolve. I never forget the guidance of shrooms and the help which she gaves to me through the higher spirit, I cannot describe with words how thankful I am. Thanks guys for reading this trip report and Im hoping that it will help a lot of people.

Small update : I never regret taking this trip under those circumstances that I have described. I still have that feeling no matter what happened it should happened exactly like that. The person which I have been talking about came to me, few weeks after the trip and told me that she noticed that her mind is not overworked, that she is not overthinking about all kinds of stuff as usual. It really mades me happy and Im thankful, this is exactly what I begged for, free her mind from a lot of years of cultural programing, stress and fear. She even explain and express herself better. I realized that she is more synchronized with me, she understands me better, even my thoughts. She doesn’t concern about the negative stuff like before, she have no intentions to watch tv like before. She have my deepest respect because she changed a lot of patterns in her life in such a small amount of time. I personally feel like I found my real self even better, like I connected to my soul at even deeper bond. Im so thankful for this miracle, thank you great spirit and great guys in Avalon, without you, none of this beneficial miracles will happened.

Special thanks to my great friend Charlie, for all the advices, help and helping me with suggestions of the right magic mushroom strains.

One love, One earth, One mind, One heart
Love to all of you people

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